Research / Research Lines

  • Analysis of the Financing Structure of the Portuguese Non-financial Business Sector *
    (Coordinated by: Mário Coutinho dos Santos)

  • White Paper of the Portuguese Banking System *
    (Coordinated by: Victor Mendes)

  • Corporate Strategy and Governance
    (Coordinated by: Sérgio Pontes, Joaquin Quirós, Gonçalo João)

  • Structure and Functioning of the Portuguese Capital Market
    (Coordinated by: Victor Mendes, Rui Neves)

  • Topics on Experimental and Behavioral Economics
    (Coordinated by: João Gata, Eduardo Cardadeiro)

  • Issues on the Use of the Real Options Approach
    (Coordinated by: Luciana Barbosa, João Ribeiro)

  • Topics on Business Sciences
    (Coordinated by: Gonçalo João, Joaquin Quirós, Ricardo Ramos)

  • Issues on Economic Regulation
    (Coordinated by: Amado da Silva, Eduardo Cardadeiro)

  • Issues on Digital Economics
    (Coordinated by: Gonçalo Valadão, João Gata)

  • Topics on Financial Information and Firm Performance
    (Coordinated by: Sérgio Pontes, João Ribeiro, Sara Paralta)

  • Ethics in Economics and Management of Business Organizations
    (Coordinated by: José Amado da Silva, José Amado Mendes)

  • The Portuguese Tourism Industry: Challenges and Opportunities After the COVID19 Pandemic **
    (Coordinated by: Mário Coutinho dos Santos)

  • Economia da Energia e do Ambiente
    (Coordenação CICEE)

  • Economia da Saúde
    (Coordenação CICEE)

* Candidates for the IC&DT, FCT 2020 project contest, [PTDC / EGE-ECO / 5762/2020] in consortium with CEGE – Research Center in Management and Economics at Católica Porto Business School, from Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

** Research program to be developed in partnership with GOVCOPP – Research Unit in Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies at the University of Aveiro.

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