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One of CICEE’s main objectives is to promote and support the development of individual and collective scientific research activities and projects, including master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral programmes. To this end, C.E.U. provides monetary support under the terms of the R&D/GAID Management Rules in force:

  • Participation in international scientific conferences with the acceptance of blind peer-reviewed articles for the presentation of original articles (co-)authored by CICEE researcher(s), integrated into any of the Centre’s projects and/or lines of research, and already accepted for publication in CICEE’s working paper series. Once the above conditions have been met, the grant will consist of reimbursement of the conference registration fee for the author-presenter of the paper and a percentage reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses in a single room in a hotel of category no higher than 3***, arriving the day before the paper is presented and departing the day after the presentation. No meals (inside or outside the hotel) or subsistence expenses are eligible.

  • The publication of articles (co-)authored by researchers affiliated with CICEE that have already been accepted for publication in a scientific journal indexed in any of the following indexing services:

Once the above conditions have been met, the grant will consist of full reimbursement of the cost of submitting the article.

  • Interested researchers should submit their requests on the CICEE website via the Submit your request link, attaching an invoice and receipt in the name of CEU – Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário, NIF: 501 641 238.

Conference Participation Support Request Form

Publication Support Request Form

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