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Who we are

CICEE is the UAL Research Centre dedicated to economic and business sciences, with the main mission of contributing to the development of knowledge in the area of economics and management, by promoting a culture of excellence in the conduct and dissemination of scientific research.

Among the main objectives of CICEE are:

  • The production and dissemination of research projects, focusing on the multidisciplinarity of the various areas of Economic and Business Sciences and interaction with other areas of scientific knowledge.
  • The promotion and support to the development of scientific research activities and projects, individual and collective, including those resulting from master’s dissertations, doctoral theses and post-doctoral work, in the context of economic and business sciences, and the articulation and promotion of synergies between lines of research already existing in the UAL.
  • Support for advanced training of human resources, in particular in the context of the evolution of the teaching career and the orientation of post-graduate work.
  • Support for the submission of research projects to grants and funding funds or programs, public or private, national or international, of research projects and other related and related activities.
  • The promotion, organization and holding of congresses, colloquia, seminars, conferences and other activities of dissemination and publication of the results of scientific research carried out.
  • The promotion of integration into research networks and scientific partnerships, including protocols and cooperation agreements, with counterpart institutions, national and foreign, with a view to the participation and integration of the Centre’s members into lines, groups, projects and programmes for research and advanced training.

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