004 – Predictors of Hotel Clients’ Satisfaction in the Cape Verde Islands

Ariana Furtado, Ricardo Ramos, Bruno Melo Maia and Joana Martinho Costa
Sustainability, Vol. 14 (5)

Tourism has been fundamental for countries’ economic development, and Africa is the destination with the biggest tourism growth potential. Using 1414 travelers’ online reviews collected from TripAdvisor, the present work aims to understand which variables predict the satisfaction of Cape Verde’s hotel clients. Satisfaction was analyzed using sentiment analysis and ANOVA to predict the effect of the gathered variables on clients’ satisfaction. Results indicate that 90% of the clients revealed positive satisfaction and that nationality, date of stay, and previous traveler experiences affect satisfaction. Contrarily to our predictions, there is no statistically significant evidence that gender influences satisfaction. The findings of this study will help hotel marketing managers to align their strategies accordingly and meet their clients’ expectations.

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