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Protocol: CMVM – CEU

General Conditions for Access to and Use of Data

The protocol establishes the conditions for access and use by CICEE researchers of research resources, namely survey data and questionnaires, available under the CMVM – CEU Protocol in force.
The request for access to and use of the research resources available under the CMVM – CEU Protocol can be made by any permanent and/or guest researcher(s) at CICEE involved in a project(s) within the “Structure and Functioning of the Portuguese Capital Market” line of research already active at the Centre.
In accordance with the provisions of the protocol, the request for access to and use of the resources is made by completing the “Declaration of consent of the researcher as a result of the registration of the subject under study with the CMVM”, under the terms of paragraph 1. of Clause 11 of the Protocol (Annex I), and the “Declaration of confidentiality and duties to be fulfilled by the Researcher” (paragraph 3. of Clause 12 of the Protocol (Annex II), both to be sent in PDF format via e-mail: for registration with the CICEE.

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