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Rui Gomes Mendonça Neves

  • Name:
    Rui Gomes Mendonça Neves
  • Publications in academic journals, books and book chapters in the last 5 years:
    Neves, Maria C.; Malmgren, Katherine; Neves, Rui Mendonça. “Climate-driven variability in the context of the water-energy nexus: A case study in southern Portugal”. Journal of Cleaner Production (2021): 128828.
  • Link to the CV at Ciência Vitae (

Academic Status

  • Highest Academic Degree:
    Ph.D in Physics (Doutoramento em Física, registado na Universidade de Lisboa com o número 9 em 1998) (Doutoramento)
  • Lecturer University:
    Durham University, Reino Unido
  • Degree grant date:
  • Scientific area, specialty:
    Física das altas energias e gravitação (Particle theory)
  • Thesis title:
    Conformal Field Theories on Random Surfaces and the Non-Critical String

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