Chapter I – Nature, objectives, headquarters and duration

Article 1

(Nature and Denomination)

1. CICEE – CENTRO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO EM CIÊNCIAS ECONÓMICAS E EMPRESARIAIS is a research unit, under the acronym of  CICEE, incorporated under the Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário (C.E.U.), the founding entity of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL).

2. CICEE’s major purpose is the development of research activity aiming at producing relevant scientific work, both theoretical and applied.

Article 2


CICEE is a UAL’s research center in the scientific areas of business and economics, with the primary mission of contributing to the improvement of knowledge in business and economics, promoting a culture of excellence in conducting research, and disseminating research.

Article 3

CICEE has the following main objectives:
1. Developing and promoting research projects, including multidisciplinary ones, within the scientific areas related to business and economics.
2. Developing and promoting scientific activities and research projects, both of individual and collective nature, within the scope of the business and economics area, including the ones related to master and doctoral dissertations, and post-doctoral projects.
3. Articulating and promoting synergic research efforts between ongoing projects within the UAL research community.
4. Supporting advanced educational activities of UAL’s human capital, namely within the context of academic and professional career advancement.
5. Supporting the submission of research projects to grants and other research funding programs, both of public and private nature, promoted by national or international entities.
6. Promoting, organizing and managing congresses, colloquiums, seminars, conferences and other related activities aiming at disseminating and publishing the results of those research activities.
7. Promoting the integration of CICEE in research networks and scientific partnerships, namely, by establishing protocols and cooperation agreements with peer institutions, both national and international.

Article 4

CICEE is located at Rua de Santa Marta, 56, Parish of Coração de Jesus, Council of Lisboa.

Article 5

CICEE’s duration is unlimited.

Chapter II – Resources

Article 6

((Human Resources)
CICEE will possess the necessary human resources in order to ensure its regular functioning and which will be provided by C.E.U., in accordance to C.E.U. actual capabilities.

Article 7

((Other Resources)
1. In its operation CICEE’s uses physical installations, infrastructure, equipment and funds that will ensure its regular functioning and these resources will be provided by C.E.U.
2. CICEE’s own revenues are:
a) The budget allocated by C.E.U/UAL;
b) The amounts allocated by public and private national and foreign entities, including the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and European programs to support scientific research.
c) Subsidies, grants, contributions, donations, legacies and bequests;
d) Income arising from the provision of services;
e) Any other funds legally obtainable by CICEE.
Chapter III – Members

Article 8

1. CICEE has the following membership categories:
a) Associate researcher;
b) Visiting researcher;
c) Assistant researcher.

2. Associate researcher is a current affiliated with UAL, awarded with doctorate degree in the business and economics scientific areas, not integrated in any other research center, who submits a request for becoming member of CICEE, under with the present bylaws.

3. Visiting researcher is a recognized academic, researcher, or specialist, to whom is extended an invitation, under with the present bylaws, to conduct research in specific projects.

4. Research assistant researcher is a person invited, under with the present bylaws, for assisting in conducting academic research in specific projects.

Article 9

((Rights and Duties)
1. The researchers/members of the CICEE are entitled to:
a. Participate in CICEE’s activities;
b. Use CICEE’s resources,

2. Members of the CICEE have the duty to:
a. Contribute for CICEE’s objectives.
b. Comply with CICEE’s bylaws and the stipulations of governing bodies.
c. Observe CICEE’s Code of Conduct.

Article 10

((Admission and Exclusion)
1. The admission and exclusion of members is approved by CICEE’s Scientific Committee.
2. CICEE’s Chairman of the Board of Directors is responsible for submitting to the Scientific Committee the proposals of membership admission or exclusion.

Chapter IV – Organization

Article 11

(Governing Bodies)
1. CICEE’s governance structure includes the following bodies:
a) Board of Directors;
b) Scientific Committee;
c) External Advisory Committee.


Article 12

(Composition and Duties)

1. The Board of Directors is composed by the following members:
a) A Chairman of the Board;
b) Two Deputy Directors.

2. According to Article 41 of UAL’s bylaws, the Chairman of the Board is designated by C.E.U.

3. CICEE’s Chairman of the Board is responsible for designating the remaining members of the Board of Directors, subject to C.E.U. ratification.

4. The Board of Directors main duties:

a) External representation of CICEE;
b) Coordinating and carrying out CICEE’s activity planning;
c) Designing CICEE’s research policy and research lines;
d) Submitting research projects to Scientific Committee;
e) Preparing and managing candidacies to research funding programs;
f) Developing and submitting for approval CICEE’s annual budget and activity planning;
g) Developing and submitting proposals of protocols, agreements with external entities.
h) Preparing and submitting annual financial statements and management report.
i) To submit to the approval of C.E.U. Board of Directors any proposals aiming to alter CICEE’s bylaws.

Scientific Committee

Article 13

(Composition and Duties)

1. Membership of Scientific Committee is formed by invitation jointly extended by Rector and C.E.U.’s Board of Directors,. The Scientific Coordinator is elected by a majority vote of the votes of members of the Scientific Committee.
2. The Scientific Committee has the following duties
a) To approve its own internal regulation;
b) To issue an opinion about CICEE’s Board of Directors proposal concerning the scientific research policy and the advanced education of CICEE’s human resources.
c) To issue opinion about the Board of Directors’ proposal concerning CICEE research strands and CICEE candidacies to funding programs, both national and international.
d) To issue opinion on budget proposals, activity plan and annual management and activity report and to submit such opinions to C.E.U.’s approval.
e) To issue opinion about proposals to partnerships, agreements and contracts with external entities and to submit such opinions to C.E.U.’s approval.
f) To issue opinion about the admission and exclusion of research members.
3. The Scientific Committee is summoned by his/her Scientific Coordinator, under his/her own initiative or by the explicit initiative of at least a fourth of its members.

External Advisory Committee

Article 14

(Composition and Duties)

1. The External Advisory Committee is formed by a joint invitation made by both the Rector and C.E.U.’s Board of Directors to a minimum of five renowned specialists or external individuals of renowned competence in his/her field of expertise and should, when possible, include foreign researchers.
2. The External Advisory Committee has the following duties:
a) Providing an annual opinion on the research activities developed by CICEE.
b) Issuing an opinion about CICEE’s scientific research policy, CICEE’s annual report and CICEE’s annual activity planning.
c) Providing suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of CICEE’s performance.

Common Stipulations

Article 14

(Deliberations and Tenures)
1. Deliberations of CICEE’s governance bodies are valid upon the majority vote of its members.
2. CICEE’s governance bodies have a three-year tenure ending with the appointment of the new body members.