024 – Project Management Maturity in the Biotechnology Industry

Micaela Martins, Cláudia Silva & José Magano
Procedia Computer Science (forthcoming)

   This paper contributes to the development of project management in companies that integrate biotechnology in their processes, given the increasing importance of this sector under the current context. The main goal is to assess project management maturity in a sample of companies that involve biotechnology processes, identifying their main weaknesses and strengths in project management. A quantitative approach was applied by analyzing the data collected through a questionnaire structured with the K-PMMM Level 2. This work allowed to diagnose 96 companies of this emerging sector, still scarcely studied as concerns project management. All participating companies recognized the importance of project management, however there are still several steps to consolidate the evaluated project management practices, once only about 12,5% reached the whole five life cycle phases of project management maturity. The originality of this work relies on the structure of the data analysis that allowed to highlight the multidimensional and simultaneous perspective of the project management maturity process. That is, a process that recognizing the need and added value of project management, implementing methodologies and tools, and having the executive and line management support. These factors must be taken care of in parallel to evolve the organization´s capacities to manage its projects consistently and long term. The study revealed that part of the participating companies meets this simultaneous multidimensional approach, although still very incompletely.

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