005 – The Motivation Scale of Sport Consumption: Turkish and Spanish Versions’ of Psychometric Properties

José Magano & Ângela Leite
Managing Sport and Leisure

The purpose of this work is to validate and test for measurement invariance of the Motivation Scale for Sport Consumption (MSSC) across two samples of football fans from different countries (Turkey and Spain).

A confirmatory factorial analysis (CFA) was carried out on a sample of 668 respondents from Turkey and Spain, and on the two samples separately, followed by a measurement invariance of the MSSC across countries. Convergent validity was calculated by composite reliability and average variance extracted (AVE) values and discriminant validity by the square roots of the AVE values and its comparison with MSSC and SSIS dimensions’ cross-correlations.

The CFAs showed a good fit. The progressive country invariance test stated that configural, metric and scalar invariance across country produced a good model fit. CFI change between configural and metric invariance tests and between metric and scalar invariance tests is within the threshold of 0.01.

Practical Implications
This scale proves a robust instrument to measure the motivation to consume sport in the two studied samples.

Research Contribution
The article provides validated instruments for assessing fans’ motivations in the Turkish and Spanish populations. Further investigations based on more heterogeneous samples are necessary to confirm the models found.

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