EEA Registry of COVID-19 Economic Outcome Research Projects

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The AEA leadership encourages its members to participate in an initiative led by the European Economic Association (EEA) and related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The EEA aims to create a registry of research projects, predominantly engaged in data collection (in any country), studying how economic outcomes are evolving over the pandemic. The call for projects is at, and the list of registered projects, which includes more than 80 and is growing daily, can be found at

These projects cover areas of firm, worker, and household responses to the COVID-19 crisis and examine attitudes, consumption and savings behavior. The registry was designed to connect researchers working on similar projects in different countries so they can share information and learn from one another. It may also help to identify countries where less work is being done and motivate researchers to try and fill those gaps, ensuring that as much as possible is learned from the crisis to help guide policy and future modeling.